My 90 second film inspired by the characters of Jack in the Box

Click here to see “This Is Me… Antenna Ball”

A few years ago I did the voiceover for the Antenna ball character in a few Jack in the Box commercials.  After that, I created a 90 second film to pitch to the ad agency the idea that this character could be a relevant future to Jack in the Box marketing.  

My friends and I ended up shooting it mostly all in 1 day.  All shots were done within 2 blocks of my house.

The agency didn’t end up using the idea, but all good… it was a blast to create.  It’s been a while, so I don’t think anyone will mind if I put this online.  

Ernesto Lomeli bringing the killer camera & gear.  This dude shoots all over the world on insane projects and he takes his day off to help me.  Wow.  This is his character.  

Ben Hansford is an insanely talented director who works with huge celebs all the time.  Throw on a styrofoam head and drive a Bird & car on a Saturday?  Sure?  No problem!  (His soul is made of gold)

Danny Burgos came with his incredible skill to capture stuff with his 4k drone. Such a great eye, and quick to get shots even when we had a woman threaten to shoot it out of the sky as she called the police. (they came 5 minutes later, were very nice and left…)

Adam Agard helped pulling focus on a tricky shot with the car. He and I used to help each other out back in film school on each other’s shoots. It felt like old times…

It’s just me, my friends, a talented choir and a “Jack” head I bought off of eBay for $90.  

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