It never gets old. Each time is an adventure. I may be perched on a hilltop, in an orange grove, in the desert, in someone’s garden, backyard or a studio soundstage.

For this shoot, we were in the hills of Sherman Oaks, CA. I staked out my tent location early. It was quite the view for an edit bay that day! The only thing that made me a bit nervous was everyone being right next to a pool. Luckily, no one fell in.

Here, we were shooting in a gorgeous loft in downtown LA. I loaded up my edit system on a table with rollers. This proved to be a life saver, so that I could roll it different places to not be in the shot! This shoot had actors interacting with characters that were going to be animated in post production.

We had celebrity talent shooting in a beautiful modern house. It was crammed with people in there. Where can I set up where it’s quiet, and low-key? In the backyard poolside, baby…. poolside.

On a shoot in Los Olivos, CA (wine country) at a vineyard. This was my view from my edit tent. The drive to get to the location was about 20 minutes off the main/paved road. Luckily I brought a 4-wheel drive vehicle, as there were some washed out sections.

Working with the incredible director Irv Blitz in the middle of an orchard.

For this TV campaign, they were shooting on the front porch/neighborhood street in Pasadena. For that day, my edit bay was in the rose garden in the backyard. Smelled incredible. I’ve always been a fan of the campagn’s director Sean Thonson, and I got to hear his war stories at lunch. Definitely one of those work days you pinch yourself.

Middle of the desert for a shoot. It was so hot out there that I had the portable AC unit pumping cold air directly into my computer, instead of the tent, so that it wouldn’t overheat. It was a million degrees that day inside my black tent.

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