To see the film, go to: A Starting Point Launch Film

In February / March of 2020, I was brought on to edit a 7 minute documentary around the making of Chris Evans & Mark Kassen’s website called “A Starting Point”. It was quite the ride. They had been shooting the process for a year, detailing their hard work along the way. I admire both of them for their dedication to creating an unbiased resource for people to go to find out more about political issues. The project started out with organizing tons of footage, and video chatting with them on a regular basis as they were shooting the last few weeks. I helped them create a shot list that could help in the storytelling. It was a very fluid process as we would talk, they would shoot, I would download footage, then we talk about shots, narrative, etc moving forward. After presenting my initial cut, they flew me out to work with them for a week. This was vital, as we could really focus together. Both Mark & Chris were extremely detailed with their notes and focus on both big picture and minute details. Both are insanely smart and knowledgable filmmakers, but at the same time are navigating the creation of something much larger than themselves and outside what they initially had no idea about. (Politics)

Finally, after delaying the launch due to Covid, they released it to the world on July 14th, 2020.

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